Route - Über for coffee
"In the near future the automotive industry will enable mobility as a service. The technology for autonomous vehicles is already here; it can be applied with the existing road infrastructure and the vehicles does not need to be connected to a centralized complex system. Imagine a Service that utilise that we have fully autonomous cars on the streets." /The Techno Creatives"
Time were at the essence in this 8-hour design task. I cut this task up i three phases. An idéa phase where i cleared my head of all thoughts about the task and made a brainstorming map. Phase two were a clustering- or specification phase where the best three idéas from the brainstorming map could evolve further. My goal was to have decided what to do and how to do it within the first four hours.
The result after spending the remaining four hours on mockup and presentation was this - Route. Route is an app which connects you to experiences while riding an autonomous car. You can browse and get suggestions depending on who you are, what’s going on around you and where you’re headed. It will let you design your travel experience as you go and if you ever wanted a coffee it would take you there with ease.
This tiny little exercise was really challenging, it made me force myself to think way outside the box - into a near distant future that I have many assumptions about but know very little of. When i thought i got it it slipped my grasp and i had to rethink the task - very interesting and fun to do.

    Tools Used

  • OneNote
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

    Skills +

  • Rapid idea generation
  • Clustering
  • Speculative Idea Evaluation
  • Identifying “good” ideas
  • Speed prototyping / Fail fast
  • UI Design