Co-founder/ Designer @ Taletab - Google Photos for the afterlife
Taletab is one of the coolest things I’ve ever been a part of, with the ambition of being a highly secure subscription photo managing service we took on a giant challenge. To take a slice out of the photo-saving cake by pushing for more secure data storage and create a niche of keeping photos in a forever-secure-way got my interest. And not just mine. Within a year we grew from 3 to 6 people, became an AB (limited company) and took in venture capital to speed up our time to market. My work was done by release of the first version, me and the other founders all had different ideas of where we wanted to take Taletab next, and I made my exit after two years as co-founder and designer.
I look at my two years with Taletab as my master thesis in digital design. It really made me push myself as a designer and rapidly switch from thinking as a Designer, Board Member, Developer and Sales person. And I think I came out of it as a designer with a lot of understanding of the design process and the design team.
I pushed for user centred design from day one and held workshops and unstructured group interviews and focus groups for every major feature prototype and direction shift in our business model. The process of planning and executing these learning opportunities helped me to refocus as a designer, informed my decisions as a board member, gave me time management fuel as a developer and told me who to call next as a sales person. I communicated these insights to the investors and other stakeholders surrounding Taletab. I took them with me to board meetings and I put them into the interaction flows to communicate with the developers on the team.
Later in the process I also rolled out different splash pages to A/B-test conversions, “how many of the users who land on our site clicks the Try free now-button”. This helped me to write better copy, choose better images and get a feel of what worked. I also measured user retention to better understand why some users came back and some didn’t. It was an amazing adventure to be part of Taletab and I grew a lot as a designer.

    Tools used

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Atom
  • Intercom
  • Google Analytics
  • Business Model Canvas

    Skills +

  • Product & Concept development
  • UX-Design
  • User interviews
  • User research
  • Business Design